Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last Minute Nudge

I received some interesting, and helpful, info today from Phil Montgomery, of the LIFE Foundation, a non-profit focused on increasing public awareness of life and health insurance issues. As we noted a few weeks ago, May is (was?) Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Phil asked me to pass along some final thoughts: It is estimated that one out of every three workers will suffer a disability lasting three months or more at some point in their career, yet studies show that most Americans couldn't afford to live without their paycheck for even one month before financial struggles would start to mount.

There's even a helpful video available.

We write a lot about medical insurance, which essentially pays the doctors' bills. But it's important to remember that, if you have a serious illness or injury, you still have mortgage and car payments, light and telephone bills, and all those other monthly expenses to pay. No major medical plan pays those, so do yourself a favor and ask your agent about disability insurance. You'll be glad you did.
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