Tuesday, May 22, 2007

About That Buzzing in Your Pants . . .

Worried about your "boys"? There may be an answer.

While the debate about just how dangerous (or not) cellphone radiation is still rages on, there's certainly a paranoid sect that will snap up anything that claims to "protect them," and this Swiss garb maker is latching onto said opportunity. The briefs are purportedly constructed with threads made of silver, which the company claims will fend off harmful cellphone radiation

Superman can't see through lead. Apparently cell phone radiation cannot penetrate silver . . .

in an effort to really prove just how effective these undergarments are, it suggests that phone calls originated within the confines of your new underwear simply won't connect.

Well, that's one place I never THOUGHT of putting my cell phone.

Certainly gives me pause about asking to borrow another person's cell phone.
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