Thursday, April 26, 2007

Memory Lapse

Mitt Romney, who a year ago was heralding Massachusetts' health insurance law, sometimes fails to mention the far-reaching program when addressing conservative audiences today.

Is the hair dye affecting the brain?

The reason may be twofold: During the past 12 months, Romney has moved from governor to Republican presidential contender, and some conservatives have criticized the plan as fostering big government

Big government.

Gosh, do you think?

There is a likening of this central concept of his - the Connector - to managed competition, which was at the heart of the 1993 Clinton health care proposal," Tanner said. "In essence, you have Romney embracing 'Hillarycare,' and that doesn't play well on the right."

Wonder what Hillary thinks about it?

The insurance mandate, the former governor says, is a means of ensuring "personal responsibility," such as a state requirement for drivers to carry auto insurance.

Ensuring personal responsibility. OK, so maybe it's not the dye job.
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