Monday, April 09, 2007

Math Quiz

Although Northrop Grumman Ship Systems and union officials are expected to meet again soon, workers who continue to strike are worried about their health insurance expiring Saturday


Not exactly.

After March 31, the health insurance cost to employees could increase from the current rate of $144 each month to more than $800 a month, according to Edmond Hughes Jr., senior vice president of human resources and administration.

Just no longer subsidized.

A main argument from workers has been that the total of 29 cents per hour in health care premiums over the next three years would diminish their take home pay contained within the total of $2.50 per hour in wage increases.

Striking over $0.29/hour increase in the cost of health insurance. That's about $48 per month.

So . . . if their premiums jump from $144 to $800 while on strike, how many months do they have to work to make up for the additional $656 per month their health insurance will cost them while on strike?

This doesn't even factor in the lost wages while on strike.

Someone explain the logic to me.
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