Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stupid Doctor Tricks

We have in the past taken jabs at employers and carriers over some of the stupid things they do. Today it is time to recognize a doctor for giving absolutely outrageous advice.

A lady called looking for health insurance. Seems she has no insurance now and hasn't had any for over a year. She is in good health except . . .

You can see it coming.

She has been having pain in her hand so she went to the doctor. During the exam the doc noticed an enlarged thyroid and drew blood for lab work.

The doc told her to call back tomorrow for the lab results on the blood.

As for the hand, there is no way to know until further testing is done which might include X-rays and/or MRI. The doc told the patient these are very expensive and "you need to get insurance before we do these tests".

Right . . .

I told my caller that no carrier will touch her until she has a diagnosis for the enlarged thyroid and the hand issue. Her comment back to me was, you guessed it, "I can't pay for the tests until I have insurance".

Well, even if you could GET insurance, the carrier will not cover these conditions (or any testing) until you have a diagnosis. Even then, they may not pay for any treatment of the conditions.

"So why do I need insurance if it won't pay for anything"?

Let me put it this way. Suppose you had an auto accident yesterday and did not have insurance. Do you think you could call and get insurance today for the accident that happened yesterday?

"No, that is just silly".

So then, you understand my point. Health insurance is something you take out BEFORE you need it and BEFORE symptoms, illness or injury occur.

"Well if I can't get insurance to pay for my tests, or for any treatment, then how do I pay my medical bills"?

That is something you should have considered before now.
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