Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fun Raising

When one of their comrades was struck with terminal cancer, the exotic dancer community in Vancouver, Canada banded together to organize an annual event called Exotic Dancers For Cancer. It was initially organized to cheer up their ailing friend Jocelyne Sioui, but they promised her that they would carry on every year, holding the event and raising money for cancer in her memory. Within the first years after Sioui's passing, The Breast Cancer Society of Canada graciously accepted their donation. So, this year, when Trina Ricketts, founder of the exotic dancer website nakedtruth.ca, received a rejection based on the controversial nature of the fundraisers, she was disheartened and shocked that people still saw their contribution as "dirty" money. In protest, she contacted the media to "out" the Breast Cancer Society of Canada's discrimination practices. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and now Exotic Dancers For Cancer can choose among numerous organizations willing and eager to take their money.

Not the kind of exposure the Society would want . . .
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