Sunday, July 09, 2006

Market Forces

The state's top insurance regulator in charge of consumer protection believes that the market, not government, will solve the nation's health care crisis.

Instead of overregulating insurers, he trusts in letting new products flourish and, in turn, disclosing risk and rewards to consumers.

Not surprisingly, he's a fan of high-deductible health plans and mandate-light insurance policies that give consumers greater flexibility to shop for the benefits and services they want.

Less government intervention, what a remarkable idea.

Anytime you give consumers the ability to make a decision that's best for their individual circumstances, that's preferable to having government make that decision for them. But you always run the risk of a consumer making the wrong decision

Of course there are no guarantees government will make the best decision. The same can be said for employer choices.

You've also said that overuse of health care is the main contributor to rising premiums

Finally, SOMEONE get’s it right.
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