Thursday, July 20, 2006


It's kinda nice, being out here ahead of the curve. Sometimes, though, it's helpful to catch up on unfinished business.
To wit:
We've blogged (extensively) on the implications of Maryland's recent "Wal-Mart Bill." But is it DOA? Apparently so (H/T: John F).
[NOTE: Judge Motz based his decision on elements of ERISA, which implies that such a law would be equally invalid in any other state]
■ Earlier this year, we noted the difficulty some folks were having in obtaining life insurance, in anticipation of a trip overseas. Well, some of there problems may well be solved by the legislature. Bob tells us that:
As a result of legislation and regulatory declarations, Banner Life will not factor past or future foreign travel into the risk selection process on applications signed in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia or Washington state.
Banner will also not factor in past foreign travel, but will consider planned future foreign travel on applications signed in Illinois and Maryland.
Foreign travel risks on applications signed in other states will be priced in accordance with Banner's normal underwriting practices.
The legislative atmosphere remains fluid. Several other states are considering legislation that could have further impact on the above lists.
■ And finally, we've discussed the role of genetics in insurance and healthcare before. A new company, GenoMed, aims to use " medical genomics to keep people healthier." Interested? Check out their press release. (H/T: Bob)
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