Monday, July 10, 2006

Carnival Time!

First out of the gates this morning is the Carnival of Personal Finance, presented this week by The Real Returns blog. Almost 60 posts grace this week's edition, along with helpful summaries.
We've blogged on Identity Theft before; this post, from Dogberry Patch (another candidate for cool blog name) questions whether it's really such a big deal.
And the Carnival of The Capitalists is now up, hosted by Fat Pitch Financials. Over 50 posts are presented, in a unique (and useful) "table" format, which can be sorted by site, category, and title. Very cool.
Joe Kristan, of Roth & Co fame, posts this infuriating story about the gummint taxing a order to subsidize its primary competitor. Infuriating, but enlightening.
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