Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Elephant in the Room

There is an elephant in the room and no one wants to acknowledge it.

The cry for universal health care is getting stronger. In California (no surprise there) SB840 is (apparently) picking up steam.

What is SB840?

Universal Healthcare Insurance under Senate Bill (SB840), shouldered by State Senator Sheila Kuehl, is meant to be a single payer system that has no preexisting exemptions, no deductibles and no copay. That means that everyone, no matter their medical condition, no matter their financial standing, will be covered.

The author asks the question, who would oppose such a bill? Then he answers it

Virtually no one, except for those affiliated with the health insurance industry who stand to lose out if they are no longer the middleman between the public and proper healthcare.

How silly of me. Blame the middle man. It is the carriers fault for high prices.

So play along with me. At least the author does recognize the major fault to such a plan.

Now, the hard part; itemizing how the program will be funded.

Damn it. There’s that elephant.
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