Thursday, January 08, 2009

MVNHS© on a Roll

But not necessarily a good one:
That last bit is especially frightening: if it's "officially" as bad as 60%, and the "actual" number could be much higher, what does this say about socialized medicine, and the efforts of our own political class to implement a similar scheme here? We're constantly subjected to the (oft-debunked) canard that our health care system is "failing," and "too expensive for the benefits received," ad nauseum.
But here's a real life example of a system which apparently takes killing its "patients" a little too casually (as we've seen before). It's reminiscent of the silly "infant mortality" myth, because we count every live birth, regardless of potential problems, whereas most other countries (and hence health care systems) only count those that survive a specific number of days.
So how many folks has the MVNHS© killed today?
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