Monday, March 07, 2016

Interesting SEP news

Open Enrollment v3.0 is fading quickly from the rearview, which means that you'll need to come up with a valid reason to trigger a Special Open Enrollment for the opportunity to buy an (overpriced, underperforming) ObamaPlan.

And by the way, the rules are the same whether you buy it on or off the site.

As we noted earlier this year (3rd item), the bureauweanies in DC are tightening up the rules for those triggers, primarily because folks have figured out how to effectively game the system by using them. Carriers have been losing their shirts on these plans (awww!), and they really needed the Feds to step in and save themselves from...themselves.

So, said Capital City rocket surgeons have released new guidance on what does - and doesn't - constitute a Special Open Enrollment window. Frankly, I think it's about time, but one wonders why it took them so long to figure this out.

[Hat Tip: MMO]
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