Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sol-Tax, Bo-Tax and Ko-Tax

Who knew that ObamaCare© was so sexist?! Turns out, there are some pretty obnoxious new taxes built in, including:

■ A 10% tax on indoor tanning facilities. It's interesting to note that they've specified "indoor" facilities: a cynic might believe that this opens the door (so to speak) for an "outdoor" tanning tax. That's not so far-fetched, really: if they can make you buy health insurance, they can make you pay to go outside.

■ In a blatently sexist move, women will face a tax on certain monthly "necessities." Ostensibly, both men and women will also pay more for certain birth-control items. I thought the liberals' trope was "keep the government off our bodies and out of our bedrooms?" Guess not so much, anymore.

■ The "Bo-Tax" is apparently out - although you never really know with this bunch. Good news for Ms Pelosi, yes?
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