Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Outstanding Vendor Tricks: Dental edition

Over the years, we've detailed any number of really stupid vendor tricks; the list of terrific ones is, unfortunately, much shorter.

Well, that latter list just grew a little larger today, as Superior Dental Care joins that august group.

And why is that, you ask?

Well, because they are an absolute joy to work with. Case in point:

Recently, I was privileged to write a brand new small group (as in, they'd never had group health insurance before). A month or so later, they asked about adding voluntary dental ("voluntary" in this context means employee paid, no employer contribution). I don't do a lot of dental, but Superior Dental (SDC) is one of my two go-to's for it. Superior especially is a delight, because they just make things so easy. In this case, we were going for a March 1 effective date, and the employer emailed me the forms on February 27.

Except I never received that email. So I presumed that they had decided to either change their minds, or were opting for an April 1 start date. So last week I followed up to see if they were still interested. They replied "of course, we sent you the paperwork last week!"


So I called our SDC rep to see if there was any chance we could still get that March 1 effective date, even though it was already the 7th. And the answer was "of course, just send us the forms right away and we'll get that done for you."

So I called the client and they re-sent the forms, which I dutifully forwarded to SDC.And this morning, I received confirmation that the plan was activated on March 1, and that ID cards would be on the way shortly.

Doesn't get any better than that.

Kudos to Superior Dental Care.
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