Friday, April 13, 2018

Rich Man, Poor Man

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Benjamin Hynden had an abdominal pain and made an appointment to see his doctor. During the examination his doctor suggested a CT scan to look for abnormalities.

The radiologist didn’t see anything wrong on the images, and Ardesia didn’t recommend any treatment.
A few weeks later, Hynden, who has a high-deductible health insurance policy with Cigna, got a bill for $268. He paid it and moved on. -

Three months later the pain returned. This time Dr Ardesia wasn't available so he saw a nurse practitioner. The NP, fearing possible appendicitis, told Benjamin to have a CT scan at the hospital.

The triage nurse told him the problem wasn’t his appendix, but she suggested he stick around for some additional tests — including another CT scan — just to be safe.
 “It was the exact same machine. It was the exact same test,” Hynden said.
The results were also the same as the October scan: Hynden was sent home without a definitive diagnosis.

But what happened next was a complete shock.

Total Bill: $10,174.75, including $8,897 for a CT scan of the abdomen

Things such as this happen every day. So how can you protect yourself?

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It was the age of wisdom . . . .

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