Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday LinkFest (Cui Bono edition)

■ From the "Hey, It's Only Money" Department:

"The federal government and the states have no idea what happened to billions of dollars given to create Obamacare's exchanges ... The Government Accountability Office charged the Obama administration and many state-run healthcare exchanges with not adequately tracking federal funding"

To be fair, you can bet that was never in the job description.

■ LifeHealthPro's Allison Bell opens a discussion on how insurance professionals can help our clients (and other folks in our communities) manage the costs of long term care. These range from volunteer work to "informal non-family care."

While I appreciate her efforts at raising awareness, I'm concerned about potential liability issues arising from non-family caregivers. I think that one needs a lot more thought first.

■ As if SOTUScare wasn't causing enough financial headaches, here's one we're just now starting to hear about:

"Hey, employers, don’t even think about reimbursing your workers’ health-insurance premiums.

Beginning this month, the IRS can levy fines amounting to $100 per worker per day or $36,500 per worker per year, with a maximum of $500,000 per firm."

Best part: this never even shows up in the actual ObamaTax text, but that isn't stopping the Infernal Revenue Service from "enforcing" it. What's so ironic about this is that it's actually counter to the ostensible goal of the new regime, making health insurance more affordable.

Big surprise there, no?
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