Wednesday, March 18, 2015

And the Hits Keep Comin'

It seems like only weeks ago that Anthem suffered a catastrophic security breach of sensitive, private customer info.

Wait, it was just weeks ago, and now sister (?) company Premera Blue Cross reports that it, too, has been hacked:

"[I]nformation on 11 million people may have been exposed in a cyber attack uncovered six weeks ago."

Wait, what?

Six weeks to report it? According to Evergreen State insurance commish Mike Kreidler, it took Premera officials that long to notify his office. What could possbly justify that kind of lag-time?

Stolen info seems to include the usual: names, social security numbers, bank and private health information. The good news (for certain values of "good")  is that this represents a much smaller database than Anthem's, which topped off at just under 80 million clients affected.
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