Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Cause and Effect?

Here's a conundrum:

Given Observation A:

"By mid-April, just 10,714 people had signed up for a private ObamaCare plan through the D.C. exchange ... All told, that works out to more than $13,123 per ObamaCare exchange sign-up"

And B:

"Hawaii was even more expensive. Just 8,592 Hawaiians signed up ... That translates into $24,080 per enrollee."

And C:

"All told, the federal government handed out $3.9 billion in grants to 14 states and D.C. to build their exchanges, and another $827 million in grants to states that in the end decided not to build one ...That's an average $1,850 per enrollee in these 15 markets"

 To name a few.

Remember, that's not premium dollars coming in, that's taxpayer funds headed out . And we still don't know how many of these folks have actually paid any premiums, thereby completing the "sale."

So, given all that, here's my question:

How it it, then, that the Palmetto State's insurance director has concluded that "the true number of people actually enrolled is much lower?" That is, what do we really have to show for the billions of taxpayer dollars flushed down the ObamaTax toilet?
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