Friday, November 02, 2012


Because we already know just how efficient government bureaucracies are (*cough*), the latest anticipated problem with the ObamaTax Exchanges should come as no surprise:

"The [ObamaTax] could create new opportunities for employers to get health insurers to compete for their business -- and new opportunities for health insurance exchanges to mess up enrollment."

Think about it: these are the folks who run the Post Office and the DMV, and they're going to be in charge of making sure that employees are properly enrolled when employers begin to shed group health plans.

This is pure wishful thinking:

"[B]rokers have to think just as hard about how the enrollment process will work when they are placing business through an exchange as when they are dealing with one of the "back end" companies that handles enrollment data or send enrollment data directly to insurers"

Um, no, they're not, because no professional agent is going to touch an Exchange-based product with a 10 foot Czech. And those dumb enough to go that route have bigger problems than Errors and Omissions coverage.

And woe to the employer that thinks going through an Exchange is a good idea:

"An enrollment system may greatly increase the employer's risk ... by letting employees sign up for coverage they are not eligible to buy."

Why would any reasonably intelligent employer even bother? Much more cost effective to delete the group plan and take the (nominal) fine tax hit. After all, choosing to use an Exchange means that the employer is trusting a government bureauweenie to get things right and if they don't, well, good luck holding them accountable.

But hey, it's a Brave New World.
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