Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon LinkFest

In no particular order:

■ As we've noted, the "Essential Benefits" facet of the ObamaTax continues to be up in the air. Those states that have gone "all in" on the train wreck have been sending out a flurry of info:

"More states have been posting essential health benefits (EHB) announcements on the Web ... [HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious' minions] are letting states express their EHB preferences."

Yeah, that'll end well.

■ Guardian Life has been looking at the extent to which employees actually value their employer-sponsored benefits. They've even come up with a unique "measure of perceived value" metric.

The study is available here.

■ From the Big Picture Department:

"Dr. John Butterly recently urged insurance regulators in New Hampshire to recognize the importance of reducing the entire cost of care for an entire patient and an entire population of patients."

Rather than addressing pieces of health care, he urges lawmakers and insurers to take the long view, including the difficult to ascertain costs of total care.

■ And finally, the Peach State thinks it can step on the Feds:

"Can Georgia control how quickly self-funded employer health plans pay doctors in the state?"

The US Department of Labor is the agency tasked with overseeing ERISA plans, which would seem like an insurmountable obstacle. The state law requires carriers to "pay claims in a timely manner" (whatever that means), but ERISA (self-funded) plans have typically been understood to be immune.

America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has joined the fray, filing a suit in federal court seeking to block Georgia's insurance commish from enforcing the statute.

Sounds like fun.
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