Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bad News for Buckeyes

The ObamaTax is gonna hit us in the wallet, and the waiting room:

"A non-partisan study found that, by 2017, individual premiums in Ohio will increase by as much as 85 percent. In addition, Obamacare will deeply cut Medicare Advantage for more than 700,000 Ohio seniors enrolled in the program. And more than 30 percent of Ohio physicians say that they will place new or additional limits on accepting Medicare patients."

We've already seen major rate increases, although it's not fair to lay the blame entirely on the ObamaTax. Health care costs drive health insurance costs, and these are influenced in part by utilization and medical inflation. Still, it's undeniable that at least a chunk of these increases can be laid at the feet of the train-wreck.

Medicare Advantage plans, which actually help rein in some health care costs and offer our seniors choice in health care, have been on the proverbial chopping block for a while; it's no surprise that the ObamaTax will decimate that market.

And of course regular IB readers have known about the coming provider shortage for a while now.

[Hat Tip: Bob Vineyard]
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