Thursday, September 20, 2012

MLR news

Regular readers know of our disdain for the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) requirements in the ObamaTax plan. One of the reasons - although by no means the most egregious - is that the rules include agent compensation as part of the calculations. As we pointed out last year, "[b]y mandating a specific disbursement threshold, agents' commissions go away, making it impossible for us to continue servicing existing clients" who would then be subject to the "tender" mercies of the federal leviathon bureaucracy.

There may be good news on the horizon, however:

"Legislation that would exempt agent commissions from the medical loss ratio (MLR) calculation ... passed a House committee today."

That's the good news.  And then, of course, there's the bad:

"[G]iven that both the House and Senate will recess Friday until after the November election, final action is unlikely before late fall."

One step forward, two steps back.
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