Monday, September 24, 2012

Make cash off Medicare?

We are all aware, all of us but those running the program, of the rampant fraud in Medicare; most perpetrated by providers. I see a whole new type of fraud developing. It started with an increase in commercials advertising free no hassle products to those with Medicare.

"offering FREE diabetic supplies to Medicare and private insurance members"

then I started seeing another type of advertising;

"Thank you for visiting Dollars4DiabeticSupplies. We will continue to purchase your extra diabetic supplies in the future so please bookmark us and return to our site again. We value your diabetic supplies and time and we take our mission seriously."

So one company gives away free supplies to Medicare beneficiaries and another buys, for cash, excess supplies.....could there be a connection here?

This is in addition to the already serious problem of pill peddling. But we are expected to believe EMRs, MLR, and Exchanges will fix this whole cost problem.
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