Friday, April 17, 2009

Health Insurance Monopoly?

Is there a monopoly on health insurance? Some people seem to think so.

Government alternatives already exist for most people. Medicare for the elderly and disabled, Medicaid for the poor, SCHIP for children and most states have risk pools for those who have severe health issues. All of these programs are free (to the beneficiary) or highly subsidized by taxpayer dollars.

More government intrusion is in play now thanks to the ARRA amendment to COBRA. Employers are now required to subsidize 65% of the cost of COBRA for terminated employees. This subsidy can last for up to 9 months and creates and undue financial strain on companies feeling the pinch of a government induced recession.

So why do we need a government monopoly on health insurance? Think Fannie Med.

If you think health insurance is expensive now, just wait until the government takes charge. Trillion dollar deficits passed on to your children and grandchildren will become common place.

Just another stupid government trick.
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