Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stupid Carrier Tricks #148

Most of this much loved (or reviled, depending on your perspective) series has been vents about carriers doing incredibly stupid things to alienate consumers. But just so you know, they sometimes do dumb things to create distrust among the agents who send them business.

I spent most of the morning dealing with Aetna over commission issues. A recent bank change required me to complete new paper work for direct deposit. I sent them the proper form and assumed everything was fine.

What a silly thing that was.

Today I get an email from the "commission lady" informing me they have the wrong FEIN for my agency. In fact, they have two different ones on file, neither of which are correct.

I sent them copies of tax documents filed with the state, but that was not good enough. Neither was a coupon used for federal tax payments.

The next remark sent me over the top.

Unless I can provide them with proof from the Georgia Department of Insurance of my correct FEIN, they will cease paying commissions and report me to the IRS for reporting a false FEIN to a carrier.

Now isn't that special?
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